Jira Service Desk Review

Jira Service Desk Review

Atlassian offers Jira Service Desk to help companies handle urgent problems with their services, resolve complaints quickly and improve the user experience. Many e-stores and services, such as social networks, forums, even shopping services, e-payment, and many more, aim to improve the user experience by addressing problems the services face in cooperation with user notifications.

Jira Service Desk for Services integrates well with Confluence Affinity, another Atlassian product. Document management and storage are handled with Confluence. Clients can read this information through your web portal before contacting you.

Jira Service Desk Ticket Management System: What is it?

The Jira Service Desk ticket management system provides customers with an option to send tickets to report any problems and work on addressing them. Additionally, companies that provide tangible goods can use the system to address any problems their clients encounter when using products.

Jira Service Desk Ticket Management System features

By using Jira Service Desk, users can keep things simple and easy for themselves: a custom client portal can be configured so that they see a single screen displaying a selection of orders in their own words. The user selects the order and fills in some blank fields and then clicks submit to complete the order. Once this is done, the technical support office team works on addressing the issue and making appropriate decisions. In addition to allowing the customer to search for a solution using a knowledge base, even when writing an order, articles will appear based on keywords, therefore, reducing the number of orders agents have to deal with.

The Jira Service Desk also lets you split ticket categories, so that the most important requests are dealt with first before the tickets with a second level of priority, which is particularly helpful when providing technical support. In addition to providing detailed reports on how the technical support team handles problems and handles customer inquiries during the day and week, the system also allows you to see their success rate, their speed of response, and other details to help you evaluate their performance.

With triggers, conditions, and procedures, users can create custom rules so the system provides a specific comment or message to the customer when he opens a ticket and the system displays a specific message to assist him before the team reviews the message and works on the problem.

With JIRA, you can easily define how the JIRA Service Desk behaves to make the service desk more efficient and smooth. If you need a basic workflow for incident, problem, change or service request management, JIRA Service Desk 3 includes a basic workflow for your incident, problem, change or service request management. You can also use different status names for the client portal to make the workflow look more user-friendly. The system has the benefit of integrating the telephone system with it, allowing the work force to receive technical support through voice calls.

Integrations and Reporting

Reporting features provide information through charts and graphs, based on factors like Average Age, Created Versus Resolved, Recently Created, and Time to Resolution. Although canned reports provide an honest summary of requests you’d want to track, you can also create your own custom reports by exporting the data to Microsoft Excel. Jira’s administration area’s revealing lagged behind Vivantio Ace out of the box. By adding third-party modules, you’ll expand report functionality.

Even if you cannot push the reporting envelope, Jira Service Desk features a nice layout. Currently active requests and those recently closed are listed on the Activity Stream of each agent. The Jira dashboards show the current status of outstanding service requests and other information. Dashboards can be created from scratch or re-created and modified. With Jira Service Desk, you can create push notifications tied to a specific event using Webhooks. Through a set of REST-based APIs, Jira Service Desk can be programmatically interacted with.

An overview of the Jira Service Desk system

Additionally, the software offers some asset management features. The IT asset management platform was not featured as part of our roundup due to its unlikely primary purpose, although Atlassian touts it as a marketing point. Insight by Riada is recommended as an extension of Jira Service Desk for asset management.

You can automatically provision Jira accounts for licensed users if your company is using Google G Suite. This has a limitation in that users are required to use their primary email address, which can get on any domain within the linked G Suite account, and cannot use any aliases associated with that address. In addition, SSO is available if you wish to require that your authorized users login with their identity provider.

Overview and pricing

Jira Service Desk takes advantage of Atlassian’s open-source expertise and the community around it to create a unique product. Hosted solutions offer the same benefits and benefits as client-based products but without the hassles of maintaining the hardware and operating system. Although its price is the same as its competitors, Jira’s inability to permit social media access to customers and the necessity to implement a knowledge domain don’t make it ideal. Even without those limitations, Jira Administration Work area is an ideal setting for automating your helpdesk tasks.

Written by Paul Cardone

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