Instructional Video - Djembe and Dun Dun


Essential Djembe Rhythms - Vol. 3 

The newest release from Budhi Harlow, featuring Lisa Beck on duns and djembe. This dvd includes warm-up exercises that balance the hands and create a balancing effect for the two hemispheres of the brain (crucial for good timing). 
Rhythms include: Sofa (Malinke warrior rhythm), Kassa (from Northern Guinea and Southern Mali), Soli Rapide (Malinke initiation rhythm from Guinea)
Also included: Village-style Dun Duns with Djembe for Sofa, Kassa and Soli Rhythms. Here we illustrate the use of the traditional DunDun lines with drum and bell (with Djembe accompaniment). The use of the bell teaches crucial technique for precise, embodiment of the timelines and execution of the traditional rhythms


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