Instructional DVD - Djembe and Dun Duns

Essential Djembe Rhythms, Vol 2

Essential Djembe Rhythms Vol. 2, featuring Lisa Beck. Go deeper into the rhythms, practice 2nd and 3rd parts and practice your solo technique! Hone in on your djembe and soloing skills. $20

"As a student who has participated in many of Budhi and Lisa's classes and workshops through a number of years, I find Essential Djembe Vol 2 an excellent practice and devotion tool for the aspiring Djembe drummer. I look forward to being able to sit in when the time is right with Budhi and Lisa's wonderful dvd to play music, which I feel is a basic human need. Along with my sacred Djembe drum, I feel directed with a sense of friendship, soul and the bliss of being alive. Wisdom and Happiness!" ~ Markus Barton Stringer

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