Instructional Video - Djembe and Dun Dun


Essential Djembe Rhythms - Vol. 3 

The newest release from Budhi Harlow, featuring Lisa Beck on duns and djembe. This dvd includes warm-up exercises that balance the hands and create a balancing effect for the two hemispheres of the brain (crucial for good timing). 
Rhythms include: Sofa (Malinke warrior rhythm), Kassa (from Northern Guinea and Southern Mali), Soli Rapide (Malinke initiation rhythm from Guinea)
Also included: Village-style Dun Duns with Djembe for Sofa, Kassa and Soli Rhythms. Here we illustrate the use of the traditional DunDun lines with drum and bell (with Djembe accompaniment). The use of the bell teaches crucial technique for precise, embodiment of the timelines and execution of the traditional rhythms


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Instructional DVD - Djembe and Dun Duns

Essential Djembe Rhythms, Vol 2

Essential Djembe Rhythms Vol. 2, featuring Lisa Beck. Go deeper into the rhythms, practice 2nd and 3rd parts and practice your solo technique! Hone in on your djembe and soloing skills. $20

"As a student who has participated in many of Budhi and Lisa's classes and workshops through a number of years, I find Essential Djembe Vol 2 an excellent practice and devotion tool for the aspiring Djembe drummer. I look forward to being able to sit in when the time is right with Budhi and Lisa's wonderful dvd to play music, which I feel is a basic human need. Along with my sacred Djembe drum, I feel directed with a sense of friendship, soul and the bliss of being alive. Wisdom and Happiness!" ~ Markus Barton Stringer

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Instructional DVD - Djembe

Essential Djembe Rhythms Vol 1 DVD


"It's one of the best dvds I've ever seen. I love your use of drum language. I found it very helpful and am excited to start working with your dvd. Thank you so much for making it, and making it affordable. I also loved the cd and will be getting you others in the future." -Dina

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Djembe Classics - CD

"Djembe Classics" is the newest rhythm album composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Budhi Harlow. It features djembefola, Dramane Kone, from Burkina Faso. This album features classics like djole, soli, and kassa.


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Essential Djembe Rhythms - CD

Essential Djembe Rhythms album was composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Budhi Harlow. It features djembefola, Dramane Kone, from Burkina Faso. This album features many popular rhythms like Kou Kou, Sorsonet, Lamba and Sinte, but also includes relatively unkown rhythms like Fankani, Mola, and Konkoba. Konoba: Dance of the Forest is also available on iTunes!


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Speaking in Tongues - CD

West African rhythms played on melodic tongue drums with Native American flute, bass and acoustic guitars, sarod, and various percussion instruments. This record is soothing, relaxing, and very soulful. All songs arranged and composed by Budhi Harlow. Special orders only. Please send us an e-mail.