"Budhi is a force of nature...his command of the drum is a combination of years of study and a natural talent and passion for this music that comes from a soul-deep place." ~ Cindy Anderson (drummer, performer)

"Your concert was unbelievably beautiful. It was all a remarkable putting together of local talent for a kind of universal message - the beauty and warmth of music. But when Budhi said that it was good to see his adherents en masse, it reminded me that I have never said how wonderful his drumming is. From the first hit on the instrument, the audience feels at home in the world. It is amazing that Budhi is a kind of direct conduit to the soul of Africa, and that Lisa has the same propensity. At the first sight of her, we understand what she is talking about - magic, and we love it." ~ Dee Volz (dancer, teacher)

"Using a unique range of talents, Lisa and her partner Mr. Budhi Harlow have created a dynamic community of dancers, musicians, and percussionists from their loyal following of students." ~ Rachel S. Thurston (writer, photographer, performer)